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In the last article, I discussed plants that were great to have in your office. Now it’s time to discuss the benefits of adding these plants into the workplace. Not only our plants important to have to give your office more character and a less stuffy feel, they also have health benefits that could create a fresher office space and happier employees.



Working in an office with dry can contribute to employees uncomfortability. Dry air can cause eye and skin irritations, lead to respiratory problems, and promote asthma, bronchitis, and nosebleeds. Dry air can also make the office feel colder than it actually is causing the office to raise its heating bills.


Adding plants to your office space can combat everything listed above. Plants release over 90 percent of the water they absorb through transpiration. The plants increase the humidity in the office and if you have enough plants in the office, it can make a huge difference in the feeling of the air in the office.


Air Filter

The air inside of the office is often more polluted than the air outside. Due to the paint, furnishings, clothing, and other building materials, toxins in the office could be up to 12 times more than the outside air.


Plants can remove those toxins in the air and other compounds in the air. They remove around 87 percent of the volatile organic compounds every 24 hours. Substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene can be present in your office and are amongst the most common volatile organic compounds. Plants absorb the polluted air and trap the pollution in the soil where it converts the compounds into food.


Health Promoter

Plants can improve the health of your employees. Since the air quality improves with the more plants you provide in the office, employees will have a better chance to stay healthy. Many people spend most of their time indoors due to their career. Studies have shown that sickness rates fall more than 60 percent if the offices had plants in them.


Productivity Booster

There have been multiple studies done testing the effects plants have on productivity. In England, students had demonstrated to be more attentive by 70 percent while they were taught in a room with plants. Texas A&M conducted a study that found that workers that had two or more plants surrounding them performed better and generated more ideas than if they were in a room with no plants.


Think of the health, productivity, and the livelihood of your employees. If you don’t already have a few office plants, it may be time to implement them into the workplace. Watch as your employees and your company benefit from the effects of plants in the office!