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You may have a green thumb but don’t have the time or ability to take care of your own plants. Though you still appreciate the aromas and visual of plants there are many ways to still be around them. Local gardens and parks are one good way to experience them close to home. If you want to make more of an adventure and travel to see more of a selection of planets, gardens and forests here is a list for you!



Madame Ganna Walska is not only known in the opera but also for her 37-acre property filled with decades of plant collections. She had cultivated an exotic collection which includes more than 170 types of aloe, weeping euphorbias, and silver and blue toned plants. With an extensive compilation of cycads that she funded after auctioning off her jewelry in the 1970s. Visiting during the summer means you have come to see the flowers in which the garden got its name. The lotus flowers are in bloom during the summer months along with beautiful arrays of roses.


Longwood Gardens

More than 1,000 acres of outdoor gardens, Longwood Gardens was created to reflect Pierre S. du Pont. An industrialist, du Pont conserved the land of the Italian Water Garden and built a historic conservatory that holds his favorite flowers, ferns, and even fruits. During the summer, the Gardens play host to concerts, cultivating another passion du Pont had. This Pennsylvania Garden is best visited during the fall when the Norway maples start turning gold.


The Topiary Park

Located in Columbus, Ohio, this amazing sculpture garden is in a seven-acre downtown park. James T. Mason, created this topiary park in 1992 to be an interpretation of George Seurat’s famous painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Isle of La Grande Jatte. The topiaries mimic artwork and create an artwork in it of itself. The topiaries are most robust in the summertime while in full bloom but they are also mystical in the winter time when there has been snowfall. Visit this free public park if you are in town or planning to visit!


The New York Botanical Garden

This National Historic Landmark located in the Bronx spans across 250 acres. The Botanical Garden is home to over a million different plants with 50 distinct areas. Some of the areas include 4,000-plant rose garden, a century-old collection of conifers, and a 50-acre deciduous forest. The best time to visit would be close to November to be able to experience the blooming of flowers and the changing colors of the Thain Family Forest.


Discover new and exotic plants while traveling across the United States. Visit gardens that not only show the beauty of nature but also gives you the respect for history.