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Everyone has a different knowledge of plants and how to take care of them. Brightening up the office with some plants is not a bad idea unless you are not prepared to take care of them. Small plants can make great gifts for coworkers and can be fairly easy to maintain.



Cacti are perfect plants for people just starting out. These plants love soaking up natural light, so make room for them on the closets windowsill in your office. They only need to be watered once a week during the spring and summer time and every three weeks during the fall and winter.


Air Plants

These plants don’t need soil to survive. Soaking them in water for two or three hours can make them last for up to 10 days. Air plants are great for a low maintenance way to spruce up the office and coworkers desks.


Jade Plants

This shrub-like plant has thick branches and puffy leaves. They are very popular indoor plants and do not require too much care. They need time in between their waterings to dry but if you notice them browning, you should water it more frequently. This plant only requires moderate exposure to light.


Spider Plants

Just like Jade plants, Spider plants prefer to dry out in between watering them. Watering them every few days will usually keep them healthy. They also flourish in indirect sunlight for offices that don’t have window access.


Snake Plants

Snake plants have tall stiff leaves that help remove toxins from the air. These plants are good for office that don’t have much light. They only require indirect to low sunlight. They are perfect for those without a green thumb since they can be neglected for a few weeks. Snake plants can rot easily so they need to have well-draining soil and make sure they are not over water. It can affect them poorly during the winter time.



These plants store their water in their thick leaves. Succulents are low maintenance plants that only require watering weekly. They enjoy sunlight and dry air and come in all different sizes so they can sit on a desk or on the office’s windowsills. These plants store their water in their thick leaves.


Go to your local gardening store to pick up some of these plants and start giving your office a refreshing feel!